Now you can stay in touch with Central Ohio PRSA though our new podcast!

We're excited to announce the launch of our first episode of Good Morning, Communicators! 

Episode 6:

  • Three PR professionals join the show to discuss how to create action and stand against systemic racism and implicit bias.
  • We talk with Gayle Saunders, APR, Shanikka Finn and Jaron Terry, APR, PRSA College of Fellows


Episode 5:

  • We discuss communicating during coronavirus.
  • We talk with City of Powell's Megan Canavan, 92.9 WDLR's Bob Kennedy and Capital University's Zach Ferenchak


Episode 4:

  • We talk to Gini Dietrich about using the PESO Model in your next PR campaign.
  • Hear from Mark Mohammadpour, APR about the benefits of a healthy work-life balance.

Episode 3:

  • Our topics in this edition include PR ethics, job networking skills and using research to drive your next communications campaign. 
  • We are happy to be joined by Kerry Francis, APR, Bexley Communications Manager Sam Metcalf and Westerville Community Affairs Administrator Christa Dickey.

Episode 2:

  • Get insight into the APR - learn the benefits and strategies to get through the process
  • Hear a case study about how analytics can inform a communications strategy

Episode 1:

  • Get insights into crisis communications
  • Meet a new PR pro in Adulting 101
  • See why diversity and inclusion are important for every organization - and how to incorporate it 
  • Learn about PRSA Central Ohio's goals for the upcoming year
  • Reflect back on 2018

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