Your APR

Looking to take your knowledge, skills and confidence to the next level in our profession? 

Distinguish yourself and gain a professional edge with Accreditation in Public Relations (APR), the only professional public relations certification program. 

To keep our members healthy and safe, our APR programming is offered virtually, through online meetings, trainings, panel presentation and testing.


Our chapter’s APR Committee provides a variety of supports to you during the process:

  • Financial: Members are eligible for a $110 Accreditation Examination rebate from National PRSA. 

  • Mentors: APR Committee members will guide you along the way, helping you to understand the benefits, how to proceed at each step and how to succeed through your commitment over time.

  • Boot Camp: PRSA National hosts APR Bootcamps where you will study for the exam, sit for your Readiness Review and take your test in one weekend. Central Ohio PRSA is looking to host one in 2021.

Top 6 Reasons to Pursue the APR

Every APR has their “WHY” for taking the steps to become accredited. Here are a few, curated from our members:

  1. Demonstrate to yourself, your peers and your clients and employer that you have what it takes to deliver public relations strategy.

  2. Grow as a professional ready for new career challenges, with your current employer or in the future.

  3. Prepare and polish your portfolio on a communications challenge you have solved, or have yet to solve, with your best recommendations for strategic approach.

  4. Hone your verbal comms skills as you present your portfolio to the panel of APRs.

  5. Go deeper into the areas of public relations that you may not be practicing in your current role as you refine your knowledge, skills and abilities in PR.

  6. Celebrate your accomplishment with your chapter and guide others through the process as they grow in their careers.

Study Tips from Our APRs

In our local chapter, we have a higher percent of APRs than most: 22%! 

This means that we have a lot to offer those considering the accreditation, including these study tips:

Meet an APR

Gayle Saunders is CEO of The Saunders Company, a public relations firm. She secured her APR in 2007. [READ MORE]