Getting Through Tough Times - Together

I think we can all agree that the past month has been quite a year.

Anxiety. Grief. Disappointment. General overwhelm. These are just some of the emotions I know I’ve felt, and I’m sure many of us have experienced the same thing.

As we figure out our “new normal” of working from home, homeschooling and social distancing, it’s extremely important for us to take care of ourselves. I know we’re all guilty of pushing the envelope, but now, more than ever, we need to step back, take a breath and acknowledge that right now is not a normal time. It’s okay not to be okay. It’s okay to feel the feelings we’re feeling. 

But how do we build up our resilience and our ability to cope during this time? I loved this advice in  “How To Be Resilient: 5 Secrets To Mental Toughness (Pandemic Edition)”:

  1. Positive self-talk: Be nice to you! It’s been easy to be down on myself this past month. I’ve been practicing writing three positive things that happened that day: from a Zoom call with friends to sunshine to my husband cooking dinner … I’m trying to reframe my brain -- because there is still so much to be thankful for.  
  2. Physical fitness: Move your body to help handle the stress. The gym is such a huge part of my life and now I have to adapt. Take walks. Use cans of soup, cat litter, paper plates, your stairs and more to make a workout (email me if you want to know more). Moving will help you feel better.
  3. Make it a game: Can you clean your inbox? Can you make your to-do list a Bingo card? Games drive us to keep playing until we win.
  4. Humor: Don’t be afraid to laugh! (Memes highly encouraged!) Cheer up a coworker or friend with your favorite meme or quote. Or talk to someone who makes you laugh. Watch your favorite show.
  5. Embrace meaning: Research shows that those who get through life-threatening situations do so because they helped others… because helping others takes you out of yourself. Stay connected. Hear and see the voices of those you love. Continue to check in on each other. 

Central Ohio PRSA, I wish you continued health and hope. I know this time is challenging in our profession. Please lean on your association if you have questions or need help. And take care of yourself. I hope to see you online or hear from you soon. 

Katie Thomas, APR, President 
[email protected]


Since the March 10 order from Gov. DeWine banning gatherings over 100 people, your Central Ohio PRSA Board has been working behind the scenes on plans to help better serve you and to help keep our members safe and healthy. We are rescheduling our Annual Conference and PRism Awards and are looking to implement more online programs during this time. In the meantime, we’d like to know: what topics would you like to have informal chats or happy hours around? Please email me at [email protected].

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