A welcome visit from Debra Peterson, APR, PRSA chair-elect

Debra Peterson, APR, Visit
Pictured left to right: Lois Foreman-Wernet, delegate; Debra Peterson, APR, PRSA chair-elect; Katie Thomas, APR, treasurer; Jaron Terry, APR, Fellow PRSA, delegate; Rick Batyko, APR, Fellow PRSA, board of director; Erin Maggied, APR, president.

When your regional representative says the chair-elect will be in town, you drop everything and arrange a visit! We were pleased to welcome Debra Peterson, APR, PRSA chair-elect to Columbus in mid-July.

A small group of board members and delegates met with Debra and Rick Batyko, APR, Fellow PRSA to share updates from PRSA Central Ohio (PRSACO), but also learn about Debra’s goals for 2019.

Debra explained that her focus will be on growth. Fortunately, that is a large part of the existing 2017-2019 strategic plan. There is a big opportunity to leverage PRSSA students converting to professionals, so she hopes to tap into that pipeline of new professionals. Plus, the importance of diversity and inclusion plays a role in expanding our membership community. Not only does it allow us to build our base, it encourages other perspectives and backgrounds.

Rick and Debra’s visit was the perfect reminder about the important ties to national PRSA. It’s easy to lose sight of that connection as we’re so focused on providing good programming for our local members. This visit allowed us to take a step back and tap into our leaders on the national level while also sharing recent successes here in central Ohio.

A big thank you to Katie Thomas, APR, PRSACO treasurer; Jaron Terry, APR, Fellow PRSA, PRSACO delegate; and Lois Foreman-Wernet, APR PRSACO delegate for joining the discussion!

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