How to Join a Committee

Are you interested in taking your involvement in PRSA to the next level? PRSA Central Ohio is always looking for committee members to assist in the coordination of events and activities for the chapter. Serving the chapter is a terrific opportunity to continue your commitment to the profession and support the growth of the industry in the central Ohio area. We welcome volunteers throughout the year; there are a variety of committees to fit your interests and availability. 

If you’re interested in serving on a committee, we’d love to hear from you. Please take a moment to fill out the nomination and volunteer information form. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a board member.

Accreditation (APR)

The Accreditation Committee facilitates the Chapter’s APR certification process by monitoring approved candidates, providing a preparatory study course and executing readiness reviews as requested. The Accreditation Committee works with other PRSA Committees to publicize newly accredited members and assists with PRSA’s Accreditation Maintenance Program.

Chair: Susan Fortner, APR


  • Develop an action plan and budget based on strategic plan

  • Encourage members to apply for APR certification, schedule a readiness review and take the APR exam

  • Underscore the importance of accreditation to PRSA members

  • Conduct a study session or workshops to assist members preparing for the exam

  • Provide instructions to members about scheduling the exam (where/when administered, etc.)

  • Secure oral examiners for readiness reviews as requested by candidates

  • Communicate with the national on accreditation activities

  • Notify the Chapter’s Board of directors and the membership Committee when members pass the exam

Interest Areas: Professional Development

PRSSA Liaison

The Central Ohio PRSA Liaison Committee serves to connect the professional society with local student members of its para-professional organization, PRSSA. Within Central Ohio, six institutions are supported by PRSA. These institutions include Capital University, Ohio Dominican University, Ohio University, Ohio Northern University, The Ohio State University and Otterbein University.

In its liaison role, the committee provides professional development, internship and mentoring opportunities, helps with PRSA associate membership and assists in the planning and execution of an annual public relations conference called “PaRtners.”

Chair: Brian Hammel

Committee Members: Kelsey Kimmelman, Ashley DentigerMyrissa Stalter

Interest Areas: Professional Development, Mentoring


The Masters Program Committee plans professional development and social events throughout the year for senior practitioners. The Committee works in conjunction with other Committees, such as Professional Development and Programs, in order to develop events for the master’s practitioner (defined as a member with 10 or more years of experience, accredited members and Chapter Board members).
Co-Chair:Denise ClarkBeth Watkins 


  • Develop an action plan and budget based on the strategic plan

  • Develop strong programming for at least two events annually

  • Work with the Communications Committee groups to publicize Masters events

  • Secure program speakers

  • Secure program locations and working to coordinate all logistics

  • Work with the Chapter Administrator to maintain and update a list of PRSA Central Ohio members eligible for Master Program status

Interest Areas: Professional Development


The Membership Committee coordinates member recruitment and retention activities. This includes facilitating efforts to recruit new members, assisting potential members through the application process, serving as a liaison between the Chapter/member and PRSA headquarters to resolve issues, as well as tracking and reporting membership results to the Board (new members, dropped members, reinstated members). The Committee also works with the Chapter Administrator to aid with program registration as needed.

The Membership Committee monitors new, transferred and reinstated applications, and provides information to the PRSA Board and Committees on request. The Committee seeks to increase membership through visible recruitment programs and strong member integration services.
Chair: Leah Spellman


  • Develop action plan and budget based on Chapter’s strategic plan

  • Update Board liaison for monthly Board meetings

  • Work with the PRSSA Liaison Committee to market PRSA associate membership to students

  • Send a letter and local dues form to those individuals who are national, non-local members

  • Send welcome packets to those confirmed by PRSA as being new or reinstated members

  • Notify the following of a new member:

  • Communications Committee

  • Chapter Treasurer

  • Chapter Administrator

  • Maintain the drop list sent to the Membership Committee by PRSA

  • Serve as back up to Chapter Administrator for registering PRSA luncheon participants

Interest Area: Recruitment, Networking


This Committee coordinates the Chapter’s communication efforts, serves as a resource for all other Chapter Committees and works to enhance the image of PRSA members. The Committee publicizes member achievements and thought leadership, Chapter activities and announcements, Committee projects, and the public service value of PRSA. Communication vehicles include the Chapter newsletter PRSA Matters, various social media properties and the Central Ohio PRSA website. The Committee is also responsible for media relations efforts.

ChairLexie Digby

Committee Members: Katlin Hall


  • Social Media

    • Manage content across all COPRSA profiles – Facebook, Facebook Group, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Group and Twitter.

    • Maintain content calendar.

    • Maintain social media policy for Chapter (profanity, the type of content we share, how to engage, creating Facebook events, credential access).

  • Website

    • Maintain relationship with StarChapter for the website.

    • Update website content as needed including quarterly updates to home page images, posting events and blogs, and an annual update of Chapter and Committee leadership.

  • Newsletter

    • Manage PRSA Matters, a twice-monthly newsletter distributed to PRSA Central Ohio members on second and fourth Tuesdays. It contains event notices, reminders, relevant Chapter and industry news, job postings, and member updates. It contains all the news and other timely information for the Central Ohio PRSA Chapter. It includes new members and changes in current members' employment information. To verify if the updates are new members or changes in contact information of existing members, cross-reference the updates with the national PRSA Website.

Interest Area: writing/editing, social media, website management, multimedia, conducting interviews, graphic design, photography

Prism Awards

The PRism Awards Committee organizes and promotes participation in the Chapter’s annual awards program that is typically held in May. The Committee determines whether a theme is necessary, plans the event, works with the facility, reviews awards criteria, arranges entry judging, prepares the “Call for Entry” outreach, arranges entries for display, orders trophies, allows for duplicate trophy orders, publicizes PRism winners and coordinates reciprocal judging of another Chapter’s entries.

Chair:Joshua Hartley

Committee Members: Christa Dickey, Kimberly Ratcliff


  • Develop an action plan and budget based on Chapter’s strategic plan

  • Develop event: locations, logistics, emcee, awards, awards presentation

  • Annually review the number of entries and award categories, recommend any changes to the Board for approval

  • Develop Call to Entry materials

  • Determine timeframe for call to entry outreach and entry deadline

  • Oversee individual award promotion and applications

  • Work with the Communication Committee to publicize both the event and the winners

  • Work with the Development Committee to secure in-kind and financial donations needed for event

  • Order trophies for award winners and determining appropriate price levels for duplicate trophy orders

  • Work with Treasurer to track who has paid for entries and the luncheon as well as paying event bills

  • Coordinate with reciprocal judging Chapter for PRism Awards

  • Coordinate reciprocal judging for other PRSA Chapter awards program

Interest Areas: event planning

programs committee

This Committee plans and implements PRSA monthly programming. The Committee secures noteworthy speakers from a variety of fields to address members on pertinent topics and coordinates all arrangements with facilities.

ChairLaura Baird, Shelby Bradford


  • Find and secure appropriate speakers and developing presentation topics. The Board must approve all speakers and program topics. Ensure alignment with Chapter pricing structure based on event type (see Chapter Policies section).

  • Work with the Communications Committee to promote all events in the newsletter and on social media. All events must be promoted a minimum of three weeks prior to the event date or they will not be held

  • Contact the speaker by phone, letter or email requesting him/her to make a presentation before our group. Once the speaker has agreed to the invitation, always send an email confirmation of the time, date and place immediately following and request a bio of the speaker

  • About three weeks out from the speaking date, the Committee sends a programs toolkit out to the speaker(s) as a reminder and to provide additional information on who the Chapter is made up of, and a repeat of all details

  • Work on logistics of meeting i.e. registration table, audiovisual equipment, menu selection, how/when to serve, etc. Always reserve a table at the front of the room for the Board President and guests.

  • Send all meeting information materials (date, time and location of meeting; speaker information; brief overview of presentation, etc.) to PRSA Matters Editor and PR Committee Chair as soon as it is available, a minimum of four weeks prior to the event, so it can be promoted beginning a minimum of three weeks prior to the event date

  • Communicate any change in event dates to the Board liaison as well as the Chapter President

  • Provide PRSA Matters information to PRSA Central Ohio President or VP of Communication regarding the next month’s speaker and date and location of the meeting

  • Work with the Chapter Administrator to determine number of program attendees for final guaranteed count for the facility. Generally, an extra 5% or 6% is added to the final count to accommodate walk-ins

  • Prepare an introduction for the speaker and brief closing remarks. Biographical information on the speaker(s) should be given to the Chapter President at least three days prior to the event

  • Chapter administrator provides PRSA tumbler gift for each speaker. Committee is responsible for ensuring that the gift card and a thank-you note are delivered to the speaker immediately following the presentation

  • Monitor logistics during luncheon to assure everything runs smoothly. Should attend as many luncheons as possible to ensure that all details of the event are taken care of

  • Distribute program information to other communication groups such as AWC, AMA, IABC and Ad Fed

  • Write a thank you note to the speaker after the luncheon presentation

  • Report results and updates to Board Liaison for monthly Board review

  • Members of other PRSA Chapters shall be extended the member rate for PRSA Central Ohio events

  • Collaborate with Communications Committee to distribute post-event surveys to event attendees in order to collect feedback and input on their experiences. The results are reviewed by the Committee and shared with the Board

Interest Areas: event planning, speaking, social media, professional development

diversity & inclusion

The Chapter affirms diversity as a smart business practice.  It is through awareness, education and positive recognition of the differences among people in the workforce that we can begin to recognize the uniqueness in everyone, valuing the contribution that each can make and create an inclusive work environment where awareness of, and respect for, those of diverse groups. For this reason, the Board of Directors established a Diversity Committee.

Committee Chair: Jamaal R. Bell, Josh Hartley

Committee Members: Gayle Saunders, Jaron Terry, Mackenzie Betts


  • Raise awareness of diversity as a smart business strategy within the membership of the Chapter, prospective members, and students.

  • Increase active participation in the Chapter by diverse public relations practitioners, prospective members, and students. Encourage participation with Chapter leadership.

  • Increase outreach to diverse students to encourage their participation in the public relations profession, in the society and to pursue their APR.

Interest Areas: D&I, professional development

Short-Term Commitments

Want to experience what it's like to volunteer for #COPRSA before making a longer-term commitment to a leadership group? Start by volunteering for individual projects! This is a great way to find volunteer opportunities that fit your interests and the time you have available. It’s easy to get started -- simply indicate your interest area on the volunteer form here.